Friday, June 14, 2013

O Chateau wine tasting

yesterday was a lousy day of constant rain and too-cold-for-june temperatures forcing me to pull my barbour jacket out of my packed suitcase for the second time. knowing the weather, I had mentally prepared myself wednesday night and was looking forward to a morning of writing, a late afternoon movie, and some under the covers reading time-- I’m reading the paris wife and love it! I got a phone call from annie in the morning saying her little boy was sick and asking if I wanted to take her reservation at wine tasting with her family since she had a non-refundable place. hesitant, because I was kind of enjoying my solitude and I felt bad canceling my tutoring for the second week in a row, I quickly realized I might not have another opportunity to go again and am very glad I did. O chateau is a wine tasting venue that two brothers run, giving entertaining insight and knowledge about french wine.
her cousins and I spent the afternoon wandering from the 2nd to the 11th where their apartment was. we had a gouter of crepes, operas and all things chocolate they needed to get their hands on. and I was extremely pleased to spend the afternoon curled up on the sofa watching out of africa on their giant big screen tv, with a glass of ice never leaving my hands. tv and ice are rare in paris so this was a real treat! 
we had dinner at a place called au pere louis, the second (or third if I count cosi) feast I’ve eaten this week with them. I fell in love with french onion soup and couldn’t control my hands as they reached across the table to annie’s cousins bowl dunking as much bread as possible. when I thought french onion, I though clam chowder color with the taste of fo packets, which really wouldn’t do it for me. but this was like an explosion of thanksgiving in my mouth. the night was wonderful and we continuously toasted saying, “we’ll always have paris...”which made me teary-eyed thinking of my all too soon closure of paris

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