Wednesday, June 12, 2013

a brunch to rave about: les enfants perdus

this past weekend we had sunday brunch at the most delicious place I’ve been to in paris yet. though we like to act like we do brunch around here, our brunch is normally just a place that serves both breakfast and lunch, not a place typical to paris where it’s a fixed menu for a fixed price. plus we’ve been trying to save money lately and profit off the 1.15 euro pastries. annie’s mom and girl cousins and aunts are all in town, and sara and I had already mooched off their massive apartment the night before, but they kindly insisted we join them for breakfast. 
the first course started out with deep bowls overflowing with chocolate and plain croissants. this was paired with the most delicious jams in flavors like fig and blackberry, though I preferred my standard strawberry. we also got fresh squeezed orange juice and coffee. I went to town of the first course going through two mini jars of jam and like little piggies we were practically begging for a refill. they don’t do refills on drinks or coffee here but I could almost bet you can get them on pastries. the next course had eggs baked in delicious cream, cucumber salad, salad and a mushroom and cheese muffin. though none were really what I would have wanted, it was all really good. and after having stuffed ourselves- me thankful to have worn a longer dress since my protruding stomach would have made the other much too short- the waitress came up to announce we needed to keep our silverware for the next course. my mouth practically hit my plate and even when it was placed in front of me I thought I’d probably not eat much. false. it was a plate of baked mini raviolis and probably one of the best things these taste buds have ever had paired with some fresh dark grapes. 
I’m excited to try the place on a regular day and hopefully get to sit in the back room, which was covered in pillow seats and super light and airy, with the glass ceiling holding draping white fabric. 
we also passed a vegetarian restaurant that had this alain ducasse book in the window. the pictures, layout and graphics alone are enough of a reason for me to want to buy it, but I think it’d be a great coffee table book and daily reminder of all the things I loved so much about parisian eats. 
image via alain ducasse

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