Tuesday, June 11, 2013

stories from the day

after I dropped lucy off and was on the road headed back home, a police officer stopped me to let another car pull out. I wasn’t paying too much attention to the fact that there were about 8 other officers dispersed near him and for the drivers going the opposite direction. he signaled me into the spot, to which I responded with a confident, no thank you. I don’t need this parking spot, I’m just headed home. his second and more severe point made me realize I was about to get stopped. I panic in any situation with an officer. even with a ticket riding the metro, when I get stopped by an RATP person I panic and practically want to get into tornado drill position. rolling down my window, the officer asked for my license. of which I did not have. or my passport. nope, that’s at home too. he made me explain my living situation, why I was in france, who’s car it was, etc. constantly heavily sighing and repeating oh my goshhh. he asked if I had chris’s phone number so he could verify the car and why I was driving it. but I’d forgotten my phone too and barely know my own french number by heart, let alone chris’. I also remarked that chris was still in bed asleep when I got home so that wouldn’t be helpful anyways. thankfully he let me off without a ticket, saying lesson # 1 was to keep my ID with me from now on and lesson #2 was to learn more french!! when I told chris the story, he told me to next time ask him how he was, saying it in a peculiar way I hadn’t heard before. and while I thought he said, “how are you today officer?” he really taught me “are you married?” whoever thinks that actually works is crazy.

when I went to get the girls for lunch, they both separately confessed their adoration of a special boy in their class. while josephine was telling me she was glancing longingly out the car window describing just how sweet her crush was and how in love she was. I’ve met him and adore him so I’m pretty supportive of this love affair. this now explains that the innocent kiss on the cheek he gave her recently may have been a little loaded after all. with lucy, I found her and her crush sitting together. him waiting alone with her for me to get there. she was giddy as could be exclaiming that he was the cutest and cleverest boy in her class. they were both so cute. I laughed remembering my five-year-old love of jack fields but a large part of me was so protective and hoped they would stay innocent and carefree in terms of boys forever. I must be starting to realize how my father feels... lucy and I proceeded to get in an argument after lunch with her not listening to me when I said she wasn’t allowed to gave a chocolatey treat. she stormed off, locking herself in her mom’s office and when I said she was so annoying and stubborn, she calmly said back, christina, you are breaking my feelings. the adorable mix-up of the two phrases immediately made my heart melt. but more so, I realized how powerful small words of mine can be and how important it may be to mock your frustration towards little ones. we each quickly got over it as we passed notes under the door and she drew me a drawing telling me I was so “cind.”

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