Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of july

when warmer weather hit paris we were always a little nostalgic for summertime cookouts back home. we don’t have too much space of our own, especially in terms of a yard, but we craved intimate backyard get-togethers to last well into the night. we are very fortunate that annie landed an amazing au pair family that loves american holidays as much as we do and are so generous to host us for thanksgiving, a mexican party and now a 4th of july party which included american beer and burgers from the grill!!! (they were so delicious that I may or may not have eaten two!) nancy made a gorgeous layered cake that when cut looked like the american flag and we even got vincent to have a shotgunning competition with us. aside from the fact that it was such a treat for us americans to get to celebrate together, it was also such a fun thing to have all anne and vincent’s neighbors and their families join us in the celebration with little children running around waving the american flag.this year has definitely turned me into a francophile, but deep down I will always be an american at heart. I guess I’m stuck with it considering my french visa runs out in two months! happy 4th of july:)

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